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Healing hearts. Changing lives.

Community Based Residential Treatment Center

serving clients ages 12-18 in Bixby, Oklahoma.


Committed to healing hearts & changing lives by reconciling relational conflict through the provision of programs, services, & training.


Hope, Help, & Healing for wounded, broken, and fragile lives, through a journey of change that is simple in method, yet profound in impact.

Outcome Based

We use a Relational Healing Model to heal emotional wounds by providing Trauma-Focused care.    

Bethesda Family Services Foundation is committed to addressing the relational needs of troubled youth & families throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Our unique strategies and comprehensive two-system approach – Relational Healing and Peer Governance – transform lives and succeed through the combined process of self-governance and emotional healing.

One of the greatest needs today is for healing the wounds that many teens have from emotional wounded hearts & spirits.  Relational Healing was developed to help heal these emotional wounds caused by those who have offended or betrayed them.

The populations we serve are likely those with histories of violence, sexual, & emotional abuse trauma.  We provide trauma-focused care designed specifically to address the consequences of trauma in the individual to facilitate healing.


How We Help

The Bethesda Community-Based Residential Treatment Center serves female clients who are 12 to 18 in a program that interrupts and rehabilitates the negative and sometimes-destructive behavior patterns of these at-risk youth.  

Our wide range of services also builds, restores, and strengthens the client’s family relationships.  Bethesda’s unique methodology provides a comprehensive and integrated approach that invariably identifies the sources of our clients’ pain and difficulties as being rooted in relational wounding.  

  • Mental Health
  • Behavioral
  • Educational
  • Family Treatment

We are committed to “healing hearts and changing lives” through the daily provision of these services at Bethesda RTC. 

About our Program

Bethesda Residential Treatment Center of Oklahoma currently offers a 16-bed female Community-Based Residential Treatment program for females age 12-18.  Our services include mental health, behavioral, educational, and family treatment to those who meet the RTC admission criteria.

The level of services is considered to be a step-down from more structured and intensive acute needs.  

Clients will reside in a community based setting that is staff secure.  They will attend public school when possible and benefit from a strong emphasis on family therapy & interaction.  

*Must be an active Oklahoma Medicaid recipient.


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